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A year in 97 Xi 'an high quality hotel development into the fast lane

Date: 2018-11-05

"I didn't know that, today's xi 'an there are so many high level in appearance, high quality of the hotel!", in the summer of 2018 to SKP new store opening event hosted a luxury brand communications director cao at the hyatt hotel in qujiang pool, she did not think of the W hotel near a room is hard to find.Beside the wild goose pagoda westin hotel dining more to impress her, standing in the south door in the fashion business, cao looked full of historical sense not to sigh up the wall.

High quality hotel not only is the embodiment of the urban comprehensive strength, and improve the urban grade, improve urban important indicator of happiness.Zhuhai to carry out the "three revolution" in 2017, administrative efficiency, business environment significantly change, big xi 'an economic business status, all kinds of high quality xian hotel brands to dominate the market.So far, the city's planning and construction of 97 high quality hotel, total more than before for high quality hotel, history of the most achieve the targets.

This more than a year of time, xi 'an what happened, so as to become the first selection of high quality hotel?Reporter for the visit.This more than a year of time, xi 'an what happened, so as to become the first selection of high quality hotel?Reporter for the visit.

Preferential policies to support a year in 97

High quality hotel, as it were, is the key to the city construction, the fashion capital support, is to build international exhibition city, the world games city function of bearing, is a big xi 'an historical and cultural charm, an important window for international influence.Only by the market spontaneous, apparently unable to keep up with the pace of the rapid run big xi 'an international metropolis construction.

For solving high quality hotel development bottleneck, attract more social capital to enter, in 2017, the city investment committee, the municipal planning bureau in accordance with the requirements of the hotel location and market competition environment, produced high quality hotel development planning, one period goal 39, phase ii target 76 seats, and at the beginning of the planning of the city's construction and 12 has opened 89, future high quality hotel total will reach 216 in the city.At the end of 2017, xi 'an issued the policy about quickening construction of high quality characteristic hotel opinions "(hereinafter referred to as" opinions "), and presents a series of preferential policies.

"Opinion" is put forward, the next five years in xi 'an high quality characteristics of new investment in 500 million yuan of above hotel will give priority to arrange the construction land index.Policy will have on the reconstruction and expansion of the hotel project investors reward;Rated by the competent department of tourism new five-star and four-star hotels, new the one-off reward 5 million yuan, 2 million yuan respectively.For the evaluation of star-rated hotels, through the upgrade, one, on the evaluation to five-star and four-star hotels, reward 2.5 million yuan and 1 million yuan respectively.

Introduced the New Deal for the high quality hotel project has opened up a "green channel", attract social capital to participate in further, promote service upgrade, stimulate the high-end hotel market development of xi 'an.

Intercontinental hotel investors, as the developing economic district of shaanxi xing feng hui hotel management co., LTD., will benefit from the policy encouragement.Li Yuheng company deputy general manager said that along with the increase in large-scale activities, meeting in xian, the demand of high quality hotel is more and more big, they have the idea of investment in high quality hotel.After he heard the news, the related departments in a timely manner and their docking open area, and help them and intercontinental hotel establishment cooperation, become the open area of the construction of the first super five-star international brand hotel."The government departments to handle affairs the efficiency is very high, the service is considerate, we also got the reward of the government.The hotel has entered the stage of fine decoration, due to open in October of next year."The city investment committee, according to data provided by xi 'an issued "views" in 2017, entered the unprecedented high quality hotel construction golden development.In 2017, the city's high quality investment to the hotel before starting, the city's total of 89 high quality hotel, since high quality hotel accelerate, more than a year has launched the 97 hotel investment and construction work, more than 40 years of reform and opening-up has the sum of the number of high quality hotel in xian.